Dorymyrmex bicolor
Arizona, USA

photograph © Alex Wild 2005

Male ants often bear little resemblance to the females of their species.  They perform no labor in the colony and are not equiped with the muscular legs and mandibles of the workers.  Instead, males serve as winged dispersers for the colonies' genes and are built for flight and for mating.

USA AZ Cochise Co.: 3 km SW Willcox 
32º13.04'N 109º46.92'W 1270m.  10.viii.2005.  Chihuahuan desert dunes, nest in soil. #AW2672, voucher specimens deposited at ALWC.

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This image was captured with a Canon EOS D60, with a Canon 65/2.8 MPE 1-5x Macro lens.