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last updated 23.Nov.2007

Ectatomma Ants: Family Formicidae

Ant images sorted taxonomically. 

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Aenictinae Amblyoponinae Cerapachyinae Dolichoderinae Ecitoninae
Ectatomminae Formicinae Heteroponerinae Leptanilloidinae Myrmeciinae
Myrmicinae Paraponerinae Ponerinae Proceratiinae Pseudomyrmecinae

  Subfamily Aenictinae (old world army ants)  [top]

Subfamily Amblyoponinae (dracula ants) [top]

  Subfamily Cerapachyinae [top]

  Subfamily Dolichoderinae (odorous ants) [top]

  Subfamily Ecitoninae (new world army ants) [top]

  Subfamily Ectatomminae [top]

  Subfamily Formicinae (field ants, carpenter ants, crazy ants) [top]

  Subfamily Heteroponerinae [top]

  Subfamily Leptanilloidinae [top]

  Subfamily Myrmeciinae [top]
  Subfamily Myrmicinae (harvester ants, fire ants, etc.) [top]

  Subfamily Paraponerinae (bullet ants) [top]

  Subfamily Ponerinae (hunting ants, trap-jaw ants, etc.) [top]

  Subfamily Proceratiinae  [top]

  Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae (twig ants) [top]

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