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last updated 12.Nov.2007

The Ant Farm Message Board- an active forum for discussion of all things Formicid.
Antbase- an online database of ant taxonomy.
Ants of Arizona- a collection of great photographs and natural history notes.
Ants of Costa Rica- identification tools for Costa Rican ants, plus some natural history.
Ants of West Africa- species synopses, keys, and more.
Antweb at Cal Academy of Sciences
Australian Ants Online- a great website on Australian ant biology and identification.
Ants at Discoverlife.org- contains a North American species checklist, plus links.
Ants of Borneo- a specimen image database.
Lurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants- info and multimedia of leafcutter ants.
New World Army Ants- keys, images, and distribution maps of Ecitoninae.
Notes From Underground- the online Myrmecologists' newsletter.
Japanese Ant Image Database- complete set of resources for Japanese ants.
Hormigas Ibéricas-  (in Spanish) helpful site for Iberian ants.
La Marabunta- a Spanish forum for ant enthusiasts.
Ant Phylogeny- at the Tree of Life web project.
The Ant Room- myrmecology blogging.

Other insects
Bugguide.net - photo-based identification of North American insects.
Butterflies of North America- exactly what it sounds like.
The Diptera Site- all you ever wanted to know about flies.

Alex Wild Insect Photography- my commercial photography website.
Alex Wild- my research page, including my CV and some technical publications.
Beautiful nature quilts- by my friend Erika.
Bohart Museum of Entomology.
Entomology 109- "Bug Boot Camp", an excellent insect field taxonomy class at U.C. Davis.
Mr Toad- My friend Mike's page.  Check out the Pacific Treefrog.
DC Biodiversity Database- good for insects around Washington, D.C.
Stu Jenks - My fav Tucson-based photographer.
Photo.net- the best place on the internet for photography.