Cephalotes rohweri - Turtle Ant
Arizona, USA

photograph © Alex Wild 2007

Worker dimorphism in Cephalotes turtle ants. Most members of a colony are smaller minor workers (at right), but colonies also contain a number of soldier ants (left).  The function of a large-headed worker caste can vary in different species of ants (for instance, some harvester ants use their majors for milling seeds), but for Cephalotes these soldiers are nest-guarding specialists.  The armored disk on their heads serves as a living door to the nest.

USA AZ Pima Co.: Tucson Mountains
32º03'N 111º06'W 950m. xi.2007.
Ex Parkinsonia Palo Verde tree, Sonoran Desert.

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This image was captured with a Canon EOS 20D, using a Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens.