Pheidologeton affinis
Queensland, Australia

photograph © Alex Wild 2004

Pheidologeton marauder ants have one of the largest size disparities between the largest and smallest worker ants in a colony.  Here a supermajor worker, lined by the much smaller minor workers, uses her massive jaws to cut through tree bark  Beetle grubs, one of many prey items taken by these voracious ants, lie beneath the bark. 

Australia, QLD: 2.5km E Rossville
27.viii.2004  15º45.277'S 145º17.340'E, 180m
Rainforest edge.
#AW2554, voucher specimens deposited at ALWC

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This image was captured with a Canon EOS D60, with a Canon 65/2.8 MPE 1-5x Macro lens.