Wasmannia auropunctata - Little Fire Ant

photograph © Alex Wild 2007

Wasmannia auropunctata, native to the forests of Central and South America, is among the most damaging pest ants when introduced elsewhere.  Although only a couple millimeters long, these ants are well known for overrunning islands and causing declines in the populations of native animals.  Among their impacts: reducing the population of the famous Galápagos tortoises by preying on hatchlings.

Panamá, Panamá.: Gamboa
09º07.0'N 79º42.1'W 35m. 28.vii.2007
Trail of ants on palm trunk.
#AW2917, voucher specimens deposited at ALWC.

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This image was captured with a Canon EOS 20D, using a Canon MPE 65mm 1-5x macro lens.