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last updated 15.Jul.2006


Image Use Nothomyrmecia macrops

Educational, scientific, and non-commercial uses of the photos appearing on myrmecos.net are free of charge, and are strongly encouraged.  Conditions for educational and non-commercial use of  photographs are as follows:

  • You present the image with proper attribution (e.g.- "photo © Alex Wild")
  • You contact me to obtain permission prior to using the image.
  • (online use) You provide a link back to myrmecos.net.
  • (online use) You host the image on your server, not on mine.
Information on commercial image pricing and licensing, and on ordering fine art prints, can be found on my commercial site, Alex Wild Insect Photography.

All images on myrmecos.net are © Alex Wild 2002-2006
and may not be reproduced without permission.