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Antbase- an online database of ant taxonomy.
Ants of Costa Rica- identification tools for Costa Rican ants, plus some natural history.
Ants of West Africa- species synopses, keys, and more.
Antweb at Cal Academy of Sciences- includes ants of California and Madagascar.
Australian Ants Online- a great website on Australian ant biology and identification..
Lurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants- info and multimedia of leafcutter ants.
New World Army Ants- keys, images, and distribution maps of Ecitoninae.
Notes From Underground- the online Myrmecologists' newsletter.
Japanese Ant Image Database- complete set of resources for Japanese ants.
Hormigas Ibéricas-  (in Spanish) helpful site for Iberian ants.
Ant Phylogeny- at the Tree of Life web project.

Other insects - photo-based identification of North American insects.
Butterflies of North America- exactly what it sounds like.
The Diptera Site- all you ever wanted to know about flies.

Museums and collections
Bohart Museum of Entomology (Davis, California)
California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, California)
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)
Museum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard)
Natural History Museum (London)
Museu de Zoologia (São Paulo)
The Field Museum (Chicago)
Natural History Museum (Geneva)
Illinois Natural History Survey (Urbana-Champaign)
San Diego Natural History Museum

Alex Wild Photography- my commercial photography site.
Beautiful nature quilts- by my friend Erika.
Entomology 109- "Bug Boot Camp", an excellent insect field taxonomy class at U.C. Davis.
Mr Toad- My friend Mike's page.  Check out the Pacific Treefrog.
DC Biodiversity Database- good for insects around Washington, D.C. the best place on the internet for photography.
Entomological Society of America
Society of Systematic Biologists
Understanding Evolution


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